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9018F Excavator

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9018F Excavator


The 9018F’s compact stature, combined with a retractable undercarriage, allows operators to easily pass-through narrow entryways.  51-inch outside-tread-to-outside tread measurement retracts to just 39 inches when needed and then expands back out for balance and stabilization during operation.


Yanmar 3TNV80F


Tier 4

Bucket Capacity

.06 yd

Gross Power

18.2 hp

Maximum Digging Depth

8 ft 0 in

Operating Weight

4,189 lbs

Financial Available

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Features & Benefits

  • The 9018F excavator is powered by the latest fuel efficient Yanmar 3TNV80F engine, it has a net power rating of 18 hp without compromising on power or performance. The refined combustion process assures precise fuel delivery and control. The result is reduced emissions, improved performance over a wide range of application and increased fuel economy.
  • The 9018F excavator provides an operator platform geared to get more work done with creature comforts that make those 12-hour days a breeze. Ergonomic controls and excellent all-around visibility, the platform enables full control of the operator station.
  • Load sensing hydraulics deliver precise and smooth operation for excellent grading performance. The electro-proportional auxiliary line enables easy and accurate control of the attachments. The new dozer blade geometry allows the bucket and the blade to work in harmony to speedily sweep away materials.
  • The neat compact design with short tail swing gets you work. Agile and ergonomic Boom Swing control allows the 9018F working access to the smallest spaces with a 72-degree swing to the left and 52-degrees to the right
  • Fully opening side covers give easy access to air filter, oil filter, fuel prefilter, dipstick, hydraulic tank and oil cap, not to mention the engine, main pump and radiator.
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